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Great lighting can bring your homes interior to life! Lighting not only serves as a practical purpose of illuminating a room, but it also creates a beautiful ambiance to a room and your home. The lighting pro is southern California’s number one recessed lighting installer and has the right know-how and experience with recessed lighting and can lighting installations for your home. Even in rooms with high ceilings, vaulted ceilings, standard height rooms, rooms with or without attic access, upstairs or downstairs areas, large projects or small, The Lighting Pro is the recessed lighting expert and leader in installing LED energy efficient recessed lighting. The Lighting Pro also installs other types of home interior lighting as well, such as pendant lights, for over a counter top or island in your kitchen, or ceiling fans installations, providing power to the ceiling with the proper code approved junction boxes, assembly and complete install, or the install of your chandelier. Installing an outside security light or maybe you just need a new outlet installed, the lighting pro specializes in recessed lighting, and its the main focus at the lighting pro, unfortunately can only do the other types of electrical work at your home if it also involves having recessed lighting being installed at your home


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Get Professional Installers in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego & All Southern California

The Lighting Pro is a Licensed electrical contractor # 926966, with the state of california and has over 20 years electrical residential remodel experience. The Lighting Pro can install your homes recessed lighting, When it comes to an expert clean install and a professional lighting installation services, The Lighting Pro is the trusted installer, contractor, and builder in Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego, Los Angeles County San Bernardino County and North San Diego County.


Why Choose The Lighting Pro?

  • 20 Years of Experience
  • Southern California’s Number One Recessed Lighting Installer
  • Licensed & Bonded Electrical Contractor in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego & surrounding Areas
  • Specializes in LED Energy Efficient Recessed Lighting Installations
  • Low Cost leader
  • FREE Estimates
  • All work is 100% Guaranteed
  • Unique Process & trade secrets In installing lighting in rooms with no attic space to leave your home with an expert clean installation
  • Serving Homeowners in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego & Los Angeles Counties


Unlike most contractors and builders in the Orange County, Riverside and San Diego areas , The Lighting Pro specializes in recessed lighting installations and uses the highest quality recessed lighting available. All of the lighting pros recessed lights are ic rated and code approved for installation in ceilings that have attic insulation, they are even safe and code approved for in-contact with blown attic insulation. Its important to always be sure your lighting installer is a real licensed electrical contractor, and always check on the status of their license number, to see if its active and in good standing, its easy to do, simply by going to And inputing the license number in the “check a license box” All companies are required by law to provide you with their license number. Its should be on all written estimates, all their advertising literature and on their website as well. Be sure they are a real electrical contractor by trade, and not just a painter or handyman thats doing your lighting install, The Lighting Pro has been installing recessed lighting for over 20 years and has seen lights that were improperly installed by other companies that didn’t have the proper training or licensing to do a recessed lighting installation. You can Trust your project to the recessed lighting experts, The Lighting Pro, with the expert layout, lighting design, and the recessed lighting installation. The Lighting Pro, is a licensed electrical contractor, state lic# 926966, and Southern California's number one recessed lighting installer and your trusted go to for recessed lighting and the company that stands by their work 100%. The areas currently servicing and install recessed lighting in are, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas in Southern california Not only providing high quality lighting and professional installation services, we also take pride to offer our products and services at competitive prices.


Why use the other guy or when you can easily get a professional recessed lighting installation by the company that is simply the best. The lighting Pro is the one company the other lighting installers want to be like, Whether it's a small room or an entire home, when it comes to having lighting installed in Orange County, Riverside or San Diego, areas The Lighting Pro can provide you with the expertise and recommend and provide you with the proper lights to handle all electrical/technical process to complete the installations. Here at The Lighting Pro our installers can assist customers in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and surrounding areas when it comes to choosing among the different types of LED recessed lights styles. For energy efficiency and style, our installers would usually recommend LED recessed lights, that are currently being installed in new homes in Southern California. Our licensed electrical contractor has over 20 years of experience in designing and installing led energy efficient recessed lighting.


A common mistake made by lighting installers is to install too many recessed lights and install them in the wrong places. A lot of lighting installers make this mistake, and it’s usually due to not having the proper priority in mind when installing recessed lighting. At The Lighting Pro, our number one priority is making your home look beautiful and giving you the best lighting layout and recessed lighting design and installation as possible. Our experts will provide your home in Orange County, Riverside and San Diego with just the right amount of recessed lighting and installed in the right locations to make your property look beautiful,

With the lighting Pro, professional installers in Orange County, Riverside and San Diego, your LED can/recessed lights will all be neatly installed, making sure of all your LED lighting installations and electrical wiring/connections are done right and to code.


We only use the highest quality lighting available, the very same recessed lights you would see in a brand new model home. The current industry standard LED IC rated, airtight, thermally protected, recessed can lights.I.c. rating means that the recessed lighting is safe for (in contact ) with your home’s attic insulation. Our recessed lighting is code approved, and airtight, so you won't be losing any cold air or heat escaping into your attic.

Most electricians make lots of holes when installing recessed lighting in rooms that have no attic, and installers don't do the drywall patch, and they usually will cut as many holes as they need, to make their job easy and quick as possible, leaving you with the extra expense of hiring a drywall person to do the patching behind the recessed lighting installation.


At The Lighting Pro, our experts don't make a lot of holes on the ceiling or walls when we are installing recessed lights in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and other areas in Southern California. We have special trade secrets and techniques and specialized tools to install the lighting in your rooms with minimal or no drywall damage to give you an expert, clean, installation of your new lights.

We specialize in recessed lighting installation, and recessed lighting layout and design. If the room needs power to the ceiling from an existing switch location, like in a downstairs family room, there may be one small hand sized square opening at the corner of the ceiling in that room, right above the switch. We make this small opening so we can feed the (power point, or switch leg) down the wall to the existing switch box location, most rooms currently have a switch in the room that controls an outlet, for a floor lamp. We utilize this existing switch to be the location for the new led dimmer to control your new recessed lights. When we are finished, We also include, at no extra cost, a free patch and texture, of that small opening.


Installers at The Lighting Pro have completed many recessed/can lighting projects and installations in Orange County, Riverside, Los Angeles and San Diego. Our installations have included LED retrofit fixtures, dimmers high ceilings, rooms with no attic space, and vaulted ceilings, kitchen and bathroom installations, and Recessed LED lighting for family rooms and bedrooms and living rooms. We also do can lights Installations for hallways, sitting rooms.

  • Replacement of florescent recessed lights with new LED recessed lights
  • Removal of florescent light boxes in kitchens with new led recessed lighting installed in its place.
  • Expert Lighting layout and design
  • Electrical wiring, upgrades, and switch box installations


When it comes to recessed lighting installations in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego and other areas in Southern California, The Lighting Pro is your number one installer and we can install your new led recessed lighting, complete with an IC rated housing and LED energy efficient dimmable recessed light. Our LED recessed lights are the newest and most current led recessed lighting styles available Remember to always.....

Get only professional installers for your LED recessed/can lights. Contact The Lighting Pro for all your lighting and installation needs in Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.


license C10 926966

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